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Lean Product Development Implementation Workshop

Practical methods for successful deployment

Workshop Code: MW-05

Day & Time: Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 8:00 AM

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $300.00 USD

In the current economic climate, doing more with less is a mandate for virtually every firm. Unfortunately, much of the effort of product development teams is often unnecessary and potentially wasteful. In many cases, less than half of a teams' workday is actually spent creating value for the company's customers and profits for the company. But it doesn't have to be that way.

This fully-updated workshop provides a step-by-step methodology for integrating the powerful waste-eliminating tools of lean product development into any product development process. In this highly practical, experience-based workshop, attendees will learn how firms from a number of different industry sectors have achieved substantial gains in time-to-market, profitability and quality through successful implementation of lean product development. Attendees will also be introduced to several new and powerful LPD tools that can enable 1) improved team communication (even for geographically dispersed teams), 2) better understanding of voice-of-the-customer and 3) dramatically reduced project risk.

Based on Ronald Mascitelli's recently published book Mastering Lean Product Development, firms that have embraced this workshop's practical, waste-eliminating methods have reported 1) up to 50 percent reduction in launch schedules, 2) dramatic improvements in gross margin and 3) enhanced customer satisfaction.

In this workshop:

  • Find out how to dramatically accelerate the development of high-value new products.
  • Learn how to reduce product cost through advanced innovation and process preparation techniques.
  • Hear how to improve the quality and efficiency of customer/team/management communication.
  • Find out how to maximize the capacity and productivity of scarce human and capital resources.
  • Learn how to plan and execute a customized lean product development improvement initiative.
  • Hear how to measure success and overcome obstacles to implementation.
  • Find out how to develop a culture of discipline, value-focus and intolerance of waste.
  • Take home ideas and concepts that will help make your business more effective and profitable.

Technology Perspectives

Technology Perspectives is a consulting, training and publishing company dedicated to the practical improvement of new product development and related processes. Since its founding in 1994, the company has worked with over 100 leading firms, in 12 countries, to achieve dramatic gains in time-to-market, customer value and quality products and services. Technology Perspectives' goal is to empower practitioners to implement their own improvement initiatives through public- and company-specific workshops, train-the-trainer programs, improvement events and a comprehensive range of learning materials.

Ron Mascitelli

Ron Mascitelli is president of Technology Perspectives. Prior to starting his business, Ron served as senior scientist and director of R&D for Hughes Aircraft Company and the Santa Barbara Research Center. Since founding Technology Perspectives in 1994, Ron has worked with over 100 leading companies worldwide to implement lean product development tools and methods.

Ron is the author of over two dozen journal papers and articles and five books, including the best-selling The Lean Product Development Guidebook and his most recent publication, Mastering Lean Product Development. Ron received his PMP (Project Management Professional) and MS in solid state physics from UCLA.

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